1 Feb

This short & sweet opera series is inspired by classic cartoons & sugary cereal.

Little did I know I was digesting opera along with that high fructose corn syrup.

“What’s Opera Doc?” from the Warner Brothers cartoon, Merry Melodies



29 Nov

UNOPERA, or Not Opera presents 144 ways to prepare an “opera”

produced by High Concept Laboratories


This culinary & collaborative creation is inspired by sugary cereal & classic cartoons.

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& [ART@WAR] force 12 creative directors to co-act with 12 artistic groups to

devise a 12-minute section from a randomly selected opera. Selected operas run the full spectrum from Stravinsky to Sondheim, Phillip Glass to Frank Zappa,

1683’s Venus & Adonis & 1984.


In this aleatoric experiment each opera, director & collaborator will be tied to Tarot cards.

Random pulls will pick each pairing.

The “Compass of Fate” Tarot deck contains 144 unique cards.

As if by fate there are 144 possible combinations of directors to companies.

 The addition of an opera gives 1,728 possibilities for each 12-minute instance.

The final sum reaching some 20,736 imaginable minutes of potential performance.


UNOPERA will chance a fraction of that.

One chance to multiply a singular perspective.


UNOPERA & art@war unify established creatives and local emerging professionals within the full process of the experiment, from education to rehearsal to production, building shared resources with existing organizations and communities. Profits generated will directly benefit local youth music education programs & contributors…


The full series will introduce thousands of artists, hundreds of supporters

& many new communities to these imaginative works,

[High Concept Labs] and the emerging artistry the city of Chicago harbors…
We leave no avenue uncharted.

Hello world!

21 Nov

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